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The Call by Peter Walker

The Call - Book Zero, The Village by Peter Walker

Book Zero, The Village - Prologue

At the apex of the dome there remained a hole into the sky, perhaps a metre round. It began to glow. As Elias stood there gripping his staff with both hands it increased in brilliance until he was engulfed in an effulgent glamour that bound him and his staff inextricably in rock and air in the one moment. It was impossible for him to move, but he remained relaxed, for he had no need to move.

Not yet.

Still as stone, Elias was the rock and the ether. The light poured down over him and that staff of wood and was drawn further into the stone beneath his feet. He remained that way until the inky blackness of the night began to give way to the soft light of dawn.

As sunlight began to pierce and dispel the mists that shrouded the land, the light pouring through the dome diminished until it blinked out. Summoning all his strength, Elias broke free of the thrall in which he was held, drew the staff out of the stone, and laid it down.

He sat cross-legged on the stone and reached for his knife. In perfect alignment with the distant horizon, he drew the blade one hundred and eighty degrees, from precisely north through the eastern lightening sky, and finally direct to the south.

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The dome folded back until it formed an arc above and behind him. In front, from where he stood, Elias could now see each of those he was summoning but for one, positioned equidistant from each other across the one hundred and eighty degrees of the arc. That one felt closer somehow.

He saw others too, those who would not come.

Placing the knife back on the stone, he faced the rising sun and in a voice rippling with the power he had just experienced, Elias said, "It's time my friends. Be bold and come."

© 2021 Peter Walker

I began to write in 2017 prompted by all that I had begun to witness in this world. Prior to that I had been walking for 5 years in six nations, on the ground, meeting people (characters) and learning more in a few years than I had in all the years prior. This is the first in a series of books all connected to the work that I do, generating and visioning community in a not for profit charity we have just formed called "Village Matrix Inc." The story is designed to draw the reader into a magical world where anything is not only possible, it happens! This is the world that The Call brings into being, simply by being published and read. It is the rewriting of the stories so that we can redesign the future.

Peter Walker

On December 21st 2012, Peter walked away from “normal” life, leaving behind his partner, daughter, family, career and friends. He sold or gave away all his possessions and began a personal walking pilgrimage.

Between December 21st 2012 and today he has walked 13,000 kilometres in nine countries. His motivation? A personal investigation into Balance, Peace and Freedom underpinned by love first into his own life and into the lives of others.

Peter is a writer, orator, master of ceremonies, teacher and student of the possibilities and opportunities of life.


There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~ Maya Angelou

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