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Gianoula Burns

Gianoula Burns (nee Xenos) is an Australian-Greek, born in Greece but raised and educated in Australia. Gianoula grew up in Sydney and now lives and works in the Canberra region.

Gianoula has written poetry for many years and recently ventured into writing short stories. She has had a short story published in the literary journal Meniscus (Volume 8, Issue 1, 2020).

Gianoula writes about the impact of experiences on one's life, emotional development and our interactions with people.


Guest Writing on Tall And True

Covid-19 was the best thing that happened to my daughter. Her cocaine supply dried up, and she discovered she was an introvert. She turned twenty-four on the first of May, a May Day child without a cause. It was not always so. Dux in Year 10 and a black belt in taekwondo, before she fell prey to anorexia.