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Maxine Danby

I'm a fun-loving grandmother. Granny to the youngest, grandma to the older children. I love to spoil all of my grandchildren with sweet treats. I adore Christmas, especially now that the grandchildren are more aware of Santa.

I never imagined I would love to write as much as I do. It was never a dream. I was looking for something to keep myself occupied and looked at the University of the Third Age courses. On the site list, I came across a writing course.

Something swelled within, drawing me to undertake the course. I immediately signed up. I now love to write short stories and look forward to starting a book when my confidence grows.


Guest Writing on Tall And True

It was a hot drink. Hands flaying, trying to disengage from his depraved grip, fighting off his unwanted advances. First and last date with this man. So, this is internet dating? Disparaged and feeling sorry for myself, I drove off. Nothing expected or implied. How simple? I was old enough to know the risks.