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When you deal with nonfiction you deal with human characters. ~ Marya Hornbacher

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Travelogue by Gavan Jacob - Air India Airbus

Travelogue by Gavan Jacob

I knew I was in trouble when I spotted the 1970s décor from the umbilical cord that descended to the navel of the Air India Airbus. I meandered through "Business Class" with its seats upholstered with something reminiscent of Jim Morrison's wardrobe when he'd had one too many, to my place in "Cattle Class".

The Berlin Wall (1961-1989)

Two Visits to the Berlin Wall

In 2019, approaching the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I found a timely book in a secondhand bookshop: The Berlin Wall, 13 August 1961 – 9 November 1989 by Frederick Taylor. The book inspired me to write about my contrasting visits to Berlin as a backpacker in 1987 and 1995.

Syrians Love Peace - 1995 travels

Syrians Love Peace 

My wife and I spent ten days backpacking through Syria in 1995. Former U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig once described Syria as the world's worst state sponsor of terrorism. We had our difficulties along the way. But in Damascus, I met a tailor who asked me to tell the world, Syrians love peace.

Russian Leaders 1993-1917

Seven Nights in Moscow and St. Petersburg

It was a flight of fancy, inspired by a newspaper ad: "Moscow and St. Petersburg, 7 nights with Jules Verne Travel". It sounded exotic, impossible. But this was 1993, Leningrad was St. Petersburg again, Boris Yeltsin was Russian President, Russia was opening up. Glasnost made all things seem possible.

Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Seven Nights in Moscow and St. Petersburg - Part 2

Slept soundly, only waking whenever our train ground to halt and there was no comforting clickety-clack. Guard woke us at 7 AM, leaving the compartment door open. Music blaring from corridor ensured we didn't fall back to sleep. As did serving of hot, sweet tea, in glass tumblers with pewter handles.

Michelin Map - Dahab Egypt

Three Visits to Dahab

Dahab sits on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, 80 km northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh on the bottom tip, 148 km south of Israel and Jordan, and across the Gulf of Aqaba from Saudi Arabia, whose desert hills are visible from the beachfront at sunrise and sunset.

Language phrasebooks

Do You Speak ENG-GER-LISH?

As Ben Elton observed in Gridlock, native English speaking travellers, like me, seem to think our language becomes understandable to non-English speaking people if we speak slow-ly and LOUD-LY.

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