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When you deal with nonfiction you deal with human characters. ~ Marya Hornbacher

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Teida's Story by Danielle Corrie

Teida's Story by Danielle Corrie

Today is a glorious spring morning. Beams of light dapple the tiny insects scurrying in the dew. Flowers nod their sleepy heads. Flashes of sun peep through the garden to climb into a blue sky. Why do I have the feeling that today, for some reason, is not going to be a normal day?

My First Dog - Duke and Tom

My First Dog

When I was ten years old, I pestered my dad into letting me have a dog. I researched breeds in the library and decided on a yellow Labrador. I was in boy heaven when we brought home my new puppy, whom I named Duke. However, by my teenage years, the responsibilities of dog ownership had become chores.

Shira Fox and Jessie

Princess, Jessie and Me - A Journal

When mum opened the passenger door, the dog, named Jessie, jumped up and straight onto Mim's lap, licking and wagging her whole body. Mim had a huge smile on her face. 'Mae, look who's here!' The little dog jumped through the car and onto the kid's lap. Mae was a bit unsure. Jessie was full-on.

Harry the Xmas (& Beyond) Dog

Not Just for Xmas

As a dog training instructor, I'm often asked for advice on choosing a dog. A common misconception among prospective dog owners is that the main concern is matching a dog to your living area. But a dog is not just for Xmas. It's lifestyle, not living area, that should determine whether you buy a dog.

Son meets our adopted dog

A Forever Home

Jet joined our family in March 2014. It had been two-and-half years since we'd lost our dear old Lab, Harry, and Jet was two-and-half years old at the time. It seemed a good omen. However, we were Jet's fourth family! Why had he had so many homes? What had happened to him? Was he unruly and aggressive?

A well trained dog

A Well Trained Dog

Walking to the local coffee shop one morning, my dog, Harry, alongside me on-leash, I overheard a passer-by compliment, "Look at that well-trained dog." "Nah," retorted another. "You should see the two big dogs outside the coffee shop. They walk off-leash."

When Harry met baby

New Baby in the Pack

When my wife and I told family and friends we were expecting our first child, their first response was, "Harry's nose will be put out of joint!" I was determined our three-year-old Labrador's nose would not be put out by, nor would he be shooed outside, away from the new baby in the pack.

Blind faith in a dog

Blind Faith in a Dog

My local dog club runs a season-ending Fun Day with events designed to be fun and to test the bond between members and their dogs. Our most popular events include fancy dress, an agility-type slalom, a saveloy race (relay, not eating!), the waggliest tail and an event we call the "Ned Kelly".

Toy dog eating dinner

Can I Pat That Dog?

Last year I talked to the children at my son's childcare centre about dogs and the important question, Can I Pat That Dog? I divided the talk into three parts: 1) How to approach a dog; 2) How to look after a dog; 3) Dog training and tricks.

Dog playing with a tug toy

The Power of Play

In addition to basic obedience commands, I like to demonstrate the power of play in my dog training classes. But I don't let the dogs run around and chase each other in mad circles. Instead, I demonstrate with my dog, Harry, how to motivate and reward your dog by playing one-on-one with it.

Grey muzzled dog

Old Dog, New Trick

My lab, Harry, is almost eleven-and-a-half years old. He's never been a very energetic dog. And as I've commented to my local dog training club classes, his heeling in obedience rings was like dragging around a reluctant sack of potatoes! But recently, it's become evident that age is wearying him even more.

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